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Portable tools for bicycles have not evolved in the same way for many years. Box-shaped, hard to turn, bulky, and heavy. This has been giving me headaches for years, and now it's finally here.

This newly invented portable tool called "Sardine" is stick-shaped, lightweight (only 38 grams!) and, above all, easy to use. With this shape, if you straighten it, you can turn it quickly and shorten the work time. And if you turn it 90 degrees without replacing it, you can apply torque to loosen or tighten the bolt.

The 4 tool bits are free to move and can be used at any angle to work in tight spaces such as when loading/unloading bottle cages or saddles. You can also quickly apply torque by turning 180 degrees when turning.

I narrowed down the tool bits to 5 types. Hex 6,5,4,3 and Torx T25. This is because these are the ones you will use most while riding. Also, it is easier to use if you have a chain cutter or a smaller hex separately.

It can be mounted under the bottle cage. The holder has 2 holes in parallel, please choose according to the thickness of the frame.

Also, if you carry it directly in your pocket, you may be injured when it falls, so please be careful.


  • Weight: 38 grams (body)
  • Size is 95mm x 14mm x 9mm (114mm from tip to tip)
  • It is not recommended to remove the pedal. If the pedal is stuck, it may break.

If out of stock, please contact us as we re-order regularly!