Our Story

We believe bicycles are more than just a sum of their parts.
Bikes are our getaway vehicles, transporting us as far as our legs
and lungs can go...

To that hilltop with snap-worthy views.
To sinewy stretches of singletrack.
To a cafe that's one, or even a
hundred, kilometers away. 
It's as much a mental and spiritual journey - an escape from the
mundane - as it is a physical one.
We dig the painful simplicity of a single speed as much as the pedigree
in a Grand Tour-winning wunderbike
We love products that are as innovative, unique,
and useful as they are affordable.

Squeaky Wheel is the result of our collective
experience as riders, racers, and cycling industry
insiders: a roster of like-minded brands and products
that make riding bikes more fun for us, and for you.

Because in the end, that's all that matters.