FAV Equipment Tubeless Valve Kit

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FAV equipment is focused on the integrity of tubeless valve stems. Your wheels rely on valves that resist corrosion, allow for easy inflation, and eliminate air leakage. This is our commitment to all riders.

1) The patented X-slit at the the valve's base improves air flow and is compatible with all tire inserts.
2) The 4 mm hex at the valve's base allows for secure installation and best seal between rim and valve.

Materials and Fabrication Process
1) Valve stems are machined from a solid bar of aluminum.
This ensures the greatest valve strength as well as highest tolerances which you can feel as you tighten the lock ring.
2) We use a specially formulated rubber base to prevent air escaping from your rim's biggest hole. We machine and insert a o-ring with the lock ring.

Included with a pair of valves is the handiest tool you will ever use!.This presta to schrader adapter has an integrated valve core wrench, FAV equipment's AdapTool.

Price includes 2 pcs of valve stems and 1 AdapTool.