Chain Barrel Magnet

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Works with all 12 speed chains in the market!

As Clever Standard works hard to bring you the best in compact tools the slight innovations to the size, shape and addition of a small magnet to its Chain Barrel AL you now can own the easiest to use chain breaker.

The magnet locks the chain in place to ensure the proper alignment between the tool’s pin and the chain’s rivet. You can feel you are using the tool correctly!

The new shape of the channel in the chain barrel ensure compatibility with new 12 speed chains including SRAM’s Flattop chains.

Everything else you have come to expect from Clever Standard is, well of course, standard. Precision machining, bright colors and muti-function with the valve core remover included in the handle adds up to a tool that will not let you down.

Now you can fix your chain with your eyes closed!